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Depoimentos de Celtees

John Hadley – July 2013

Isabelle Miller – July 2013

The CELTA has been the most rewarding course, fast paced and demanding, however thoroughly worthwhile.
In completing this course, I feel that I now possess the fundamentals and core skills to become a professional tutor.
With the intensive tutoring, I have been able to commit myself completely, getting more from it, to give myself the spring board to a future career in teaching anywhere in the world.

The intensive CELTA course was one of the most challenging and rewarding months of my life. I learned so much and was able to put my new knowledge into practice right away with real students. Lots of support and constructive criticism helped my teaching practice develop more than I could have expected.

Soraya Quintela – July 2013

Hans Schmidt – July 2013

Very intensive course, a lot of information, but you learn a lot from tutors, peers and students as well. Great course for teachers with no previous experience and experienced teachers as well. I’ve learned many techniques that I never learned in college.

I enjoyed every minute of the hard work we did together. The tutors were professional and lovely the same time.
I recommend everybody who wants to become a teacher to do the CELTA at UP Language. Thanks!

Mark Houston

Katia Valle

The CELTA was quite possibly the most difficult course that I have ever taken, it was everything that was promised and very much more!
The professionalism and depth of knowledge of all the instructors was quite frankly amazing, I am still trying to absorb all of the information that was offered and trying to remember most of it is extremely challenging (to say the least). In my humble opinion, the course in Sao Paulo must rank amongst the top CELTA courses in the world! (If indeed it is not the best!). I am now teaching in Rio de Janeiro putting all of those learnt skills to use. Once again I would like to thank all of you and recommend to anyone who is considering taking their CELTA to
seriously consider UP Language Consultants.

The Celta course at UP Language met my expectations of refreshing my teaching knowledge and learning new trends in ELT. The highly qualified tutors motivated me to be a better professional every day.

Rosane Bandeira

Anay Siqueira

Five years ago I had quit teaching. After being away for such a long time, I wondered how I could keep abreast of the latest developments in ELT. That was when I decided to take the full-time CELTA course. It was quite a challenge because it is all practice and it also offers theoretical issues in the program. However, because of the intensive hours, excellent tutors and my willingness to learn, I soon became aware of the teaching and learning process as never before!!! Although I had already taken several courses in the TELF field, no other was so focused on the practice of teaching. I had such a rich and balanced variety of topics on essential principals and practical skills which enabled me to carry out new techniques right away.
Now I feel more confident, not to mention more motivated to continue learning and reflecting on my teaching!
It's impossible to describe in a few sentences how rewarding the CELTA course was to my professional and personal development. Nothing can express the felling of having made precious friends, nor can describe the effort made by the UP Language team to overcome our expectations. If you're a CELTA candidate, GO FOR IT and check yourself about everything. I've stated here! Good Luck!

"Intense. It was a month of hard work, lots of studying and great laughs. It would have been a bit too much if it hadn't been for the support and friendliness of the tutors and classmates. The input sessions were relevant and I felt like I was constantly learning. It has broaden my views of EFL so much I can already feel the reflex of the course in my classes. The tutors couldn't have been more helpful or better prepared.
Definitely the best thing I've ever done for my carrier".

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